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About Us

Smile, the best curve you can imagine. And the feeling that follows after being the reason of someone’s smile is again unimaginable. Love is when you know that someone is out there who lives only to see you smile. But in today’s hectic life, we forget what is of most importance to us. We, SURPRISE SOMEONE are here to keep the fire of your love burning, to remind your dearest ones that you love them just as much as you did when you first met, to again make those little butterflies fly in your tummy, to make your mommy dearest cry her happy tears of love, to make your bossy daddy melt a little, to make her shy away, and most importantly to make YOU feel warmth of giving once again. We are here to create the spark which you first felt when you held her close and we help YOU become the reason behind the world’s most beautiful smile. We offer you what money can’t buy and help you plan the surprise just like your dear one would love because we care for YOU.

This time SURPRISE SOMEONE will help you open your heart to the one you love and care for with Words, here you don’t just buy gifts but we help you wrap your heart through words, your words while mixing it with our creativity and give it a personalized touch which will make them fall in love with you over and over again.

Come on, let’s make someone smile today. Whom will you start with? J


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