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Terms & Conditions

Please carefully go through the henceforth mentioned terms and conditions prior to using the products and services of this Website. In case you have objection to any of the terms, we request you not to use the Website. Your use of this Website will signify to us that you have agreed to our Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Policy as well. These below mentioned Terms and Conditions works as a legal document providing our users with the binding terms of the services we provide and the use of our Website.

The Terms and Conditions as well as the Privacy Policy are applicable for both people visiting the Website (even though they are not transacting business here) and the people who are registered and authorized users of the website (members who transact business here). The Company retains and reserves the right to terminate or change any of the Services it offers or any part of its website for any reason. This can be done without sending any prior notice and without owing any liability to the users or any third party. Thus, we request our Website users to acknowledge their responsibility and regularly review the Terms and Conditions as well as our Privacy Policy document. The below mentioned Terms and Conditions are not be interpreted in any manner to award any rights to some third party.


All users will have to get registered as an authorized member of the Website in order to complete any of the transactions or prior to making any purchase from the Website. The process of registration requires the user to provide us with Personal Information (details of which are given in the Privacy Policy), select a user name and password. Users will get registered only once. After the registration, the user needs to sign into their account in order to avail our Services. Users will have to provide us with the enlisted details:

  • Their full name
  • E-mail
  • Contact Number
  • Contact Address


Retail Purchase: If a registered member wants to purchase an item from our Website, they can do either of the following:

  • Add the chosen item directly to their shopping cart.
  • Customize the item by adding one or another thing to it before adding it to their shopping cart. However, make sure that the item is customizable; such details are specifically stated on our Website.
  • Select it from the range of items available on our Website and then add it to their shopping cart.
  • Call our consultants at the number mentioned in “Contact Us” section and place the order. The member will then receive a form of their order via courier/ fax/ e-mail, as per their convenience and preference.

Only registered and authorized users (members) are allowed to make purchases online. It a visiting user wants to purchase any item, he or she will have to get him/herself registered with us after the item has been added to their shopping cart. The authorized members should also provide us with other information that is mandatory and required under law at the time of making a purchase. This includes information like your Personal Account Number, etc.

The orders will be considered ‘complete’ only after the Company has received the payment. The Company may, at random, make calls to the Members (who have placed an order online through the Website) to confirm their orders and ask a verification question. Once the verification question has been answered correctly, only then will the Company disclose the details of the order for confirmation.


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