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Eco Friendly Diwali Planter Kit- with Plantable Diya and Planter

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Instead of lighting a DIYA, Plant your DIYA which emits OXYGEN
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Instead of lighting a DIYA, Plant your DIYA which emits OXYGEN.

Every year we struggle with air quality and associated health problems after Diwali. But we bring a unique idea of Diwali celebration – this Oxygen Diya Planter Kit comes with A TO Z of the ingredients required for planting the seed inside. 

Is baar OXYZEN wala Diya


This Diya is biodegradable and has embeded seeds in it. Simply you have to sow in soil and diya will sprout into marigold plants. Refer Instruction card before planting your Diya.

This way we will help reduce lot of green house gases which contributes to GLOBAL WARMING.

Lets together reduce and STOP Global warming

Within 2 weeks, you can witness a lovely little diya growing into beautiful plant. Go ahead and GIFT that stays with you for years and years, even after Diwali!

Refer the actual pictures of -How This DIYA can be grown into PLANTS 


This Diwali Planter kit will consist of following things:

  1. Box with Diwali Doodle printed on it (Size-5”x5”x5”)
  2. Plantable Diya which emits Oxyzen after planting
  3. Fabric potli with Paper Tag to hold the Plantable Diya
  4. Eco Friendly Planter Pot - (to grow Diya inside it)
  5. Wooden Stand to hold the Planter
  6. Happy Diwali Tag with jute string
  7. Cocopeat wrapped in the jute (it is compreseed form of soil)
  8. Instruction card to use cocopeat
  9. Instruction card to plant your Diya
  10. Eco Friendly Diary 4”x4” with Diwali theme doodle printed on it
  11. Plantable seed pen
  12. Lots of Diwali Wishes :)

Not a single tree was cut to make this item. 

This is completely hand  made and made from recycled hand made paper. 

This is made by women artisans of India. When you buy a product from SURPRISE SOMEONE, you are buying more than just a gift as you make someone SMILE.

Disclaimer:  Slight colour variation might be there because of photography-Actual product may slightly vary from the image shown

Made In: India

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