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Happy Lohri (Seeded Box- which can later grow into PLANTS)- Empty Box

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Lohri is almost here, and so are our special Lohri boxes made of recycled handmade paper. 

This box is special not only because of its beautiful designs but also because not a single tree has been cut down to make it and also it can later grow into plants as it has seeds artfully embedded in it so when you are done with this box, you simply SOW them in soil and you will see plant growing.

Thats right  they’re made of recycled handmade paper, which is made from waste cotton/ cotton rags. Not a single tree is cut to make these paper and this box.

They have 3D hand made creative and they can be used even after Lohri for storing a variety of things. 

Customisation is possible.

Please note that we deliver the empty boxes only  the confectionery shown here is for demonstration purposes and not for sale.

Box size: 8”x8”x2”

Material: Premium Cardboard with recycled hand made paper. It has 3D hand made design on top.

For bulk and customisation- please call +91 9799495657 or write to 

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