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Motivational Table Top

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There’s a saying of Buddha that states “What we think, we become”

Your ENERGY follows your THOUGHTS!

Make your everyday- “ever Best Day” with these beautiful Table Top with even more gorgeous AFFIRMATIONS.

And there’s a substantial level of truth in it, which is why it’s wise to have positive vibes in your workplace. 

So we’ve made these special motivating table tops for you that can be placed on your work desk to provide positive vibes everyday. 

You can also change the quotes of this table top as per your convenience by changing the order of pads mentioning them. Give it a shot and see for yourself what change it brings to your thoughts!

Just say these affirmations loudly every day and see how you change your own AURA.

Consist of-

Box size -8”x8”x2”

Wooden Stand to Hang 12 frames

12 Frames with 12 different Affirmations written

Not a single tree was cut to make this paper.

Made by women artisans from rural India.

Delivery time - 15 days 

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